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Today, my mother took me to Luopu

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Today, my mother took me to Luopu

Сообщение yanlin » Сб июл 07, 2018 2:43 am

Today, my mother took me to Luopu Park to observe the peony.n I got there, I found that some of the little peony there had been wrapped in a bag by the uncle of the garden worker. So, I asked my mother: "Mom, those peony, why are the gardener uncles wrapped up in the bag by the garden worker uncle?" "Because the gardening workers' uncles don't want them to get cold Newport 100S, I I also found that most of the peony was not wrapped in plastic bags Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, they have already sprouted. The buds grow on the branches, the buds are the size of my nails, slightly reddish brown, and the little buds have grown out. Some small pointed ends next to the little flower buds stood up like defending his little baby, the flower bud.
Listening to my mother said: The reason why we Luoyang peony can be famous both at home and abroad is because they are big and delicious, graceful, colorful, full of fragrance, national color, and have high ornamental value. Moreover, the stems and leaves of peony can treat blood stasis, and the root can treat high blood pressure, in addition to smoldering, clearing away heat and dissipating phlegm, and removing swelling and so on. Significant effect on high blood pressure Online Cigarettes. Its petals are edible and delicious. Unexpectedly, our Luoyang peony has so many functions.m really a Luoyang person and I am proud to live in Luoyang., the spring is bright. After waiting for my mother to come back, we can go to Luopu Park to observe the peony.ing on the road, I can't help thinking about it. After another week, those "little babies" don't know what it will be like. Thinking about it, I can't help but speed up and hope to see them earlier.
Standing in the distance, oh, a lot of green and oily Parliament Cigarettes, really like a green carpet. Before the brown leaves disappeared, I asked my mother doubtfully: "Mom, are we going wrong, how is a big green here? Isn't this Peony Garden?"
Mom smiled and touched my head and said, "No mistakes, here is the peony, but they have grown green leaves, don't believe, you can go and see for yourself."
I quickly ran to the side of the peony, wow, the original red-brown branches, under the spring breeze, have grown green leaves, they gently drag their little baby buds like a hand, small leaves It��s flat and short Cigarettes Cheaper, and it��s green as if it��s going to drip. The leaves are pointed, like a brave "warrior", defending their little baby - flower buds. They gently twisted their waists in the spring breeze, as if telling me that they are about to open soon.nt to count a peony with a few flowers, but I haven't counted it for a long time. My mother smiled and told me that it turned out that one leaf bud of the peony had a branch, and
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